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Our mission is to help artists increase their presence and get the best possible outcome for each performance. By doing so, artists can share their music, captivating the hearts and minds of the audience, making the world a little bit better place to live. Our unique talents combined with our core values of connection, persistence, authenticity and excellence help artists become the best they can be both on stage and in life.

Paul Wheelhouse


Paul arrived in New York by way of the lovely Big Island of Hawaii. Although he spent much of his career in real estate, his training for artist management started when he was a young man and corporate pilot. In addition to flying a twin-engine plane all over North America, he was also in charge of logistics for speakers and guests. From there he moved to managing several businesses successfully gaining a deep understanding about the value of quality and timeliness. Paul later worked with an international seminar company as a life coach. There he gained the ability to connect with people in a results oriented way that honors each party's needs. “Helping others get what they want is the most thrilling for me”.  

Paul’s broad experience now merges with his lifelong passion for music and the arts. The skills he gained in business,  negotiating contracts and effectively marketing give him a unique edge in the music industry.


Paul brings competence, precision, determination, and a level head to everything he does-- whether he’s landing a plane in minimum weather or steering the careers of his artists.

Our Team

Matthias Wheelhouse


Matthias’ lifelong passion for music started when he was introduced to the drums and later the electric guitar at church. Over time his desire turned to the technical side and he began experimenting with music production and mixing on Ableton Live. He worked at a computer programming school giving seminars and classes on computer programming with a focus on marketing and data collection. Matthias’ easygoing manner and thoughtful approach to problem solving along with his knowledge of web design and marketing round out our team nicely.


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